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Marble is used to produce magnificent, Tile Floors, Marble Wall Tile, Fireplaces Columns, Stone Sinks ,Kitchen Countertops, Marble Bathroom Vanities (but not always recommended, because it is sensitive to chemicals, the Marble's polish will etch and leave the surface dull if it comes into contact with acids. Such acids are found in soft drinks, perfumes, hair spray, makeup and many cleaning products. Even toothpaste may leave a ring that cannot be removed. None of these chemicals will harm granite; therefore, we highly recommend granite bathroom vanity tops.) . Marble comes in many colors and is most likely heavily veined and is usually very sensitive to the wrong cleaning products. It is important to take care of marble from the beginning with proper stone care products. Use products specifically designed to clean all stone with only stone cleaners, stone sealers and stone polish. We carry a complete line of products for all stone care for Floor tile, Shower walls, and even Countertops.

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